221. Public companies have to pay their employees with public stock, stock options and stock bonuses - Print the marketing, advertising budget with public corporate shares to double corporate revenues

As you know, public companies have certain revenues per employees like $300,000 revenues per Tesla employee, $200,000 revenues per Walmart employee.

Create jobs and increase productivity per worker

By creating jobs and boosting productivity, public companies can increase their revenues (per employee).

One way to achieve this is by paying employees partly with public corporate stock, like Tesla, Amazon pays $2,000 per month in public stock shares for all their employees. This also means a tax advantage for the company to pay out in public stock shares. Also public stock, or stock options bonuses for reaching a certain target for all the employees, like Tesla pays $10,000 in public stock shares for all the Tesla employees if they increase Tesla revenues by 50%, or another $10,000 by increasing revenues 100% per year.

Boosting revenues by printing the marketing, advertising budget with public corporate shares

Public companies can increase their marketing, advertising budget 5-fold or 10-fold by selling public corporate shares to fund these budgets and therefore doubling the revenues of the public company and stock prices increasing by 50-100% per year!

Also the net profit margins of public companies increases as the marketing, advertising budget is printed.

Private companies can also increase their annual marketing, advertising budgets by taking a corporate loan to increase annual revenues. Like a 5-year loan which increases the debt of private companies, but revenues grow faster than debt, so debt-to-revenues goes down.

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