154. How to turn $100 into $1 million in less than 2 years time on the internet - Fastest way to become an internet millionaire!

This idea is my best, yet!

Here is how it works...

1. You start an internet website with content, or you can buy an existing website like on Flippa.com

2. You drive traffic to the website with the greatest traffic exchange 10KHits.com. You can get for the Business plan of $29 per month, worldwide traffic (geo disabled) with 45 slots at 10 seconds interval at 80,000 visitors worldwide per day! Also include for $69 per month 1 million more hits (they offer promotion for 1.5 million hits, 500,000 hits for free). So it takes about 1 month to finish your hits at 80,000 visitors worldwide per day at $98 cost per month. (You will find out your traffic growth on 10Khits slowly goes down each day, like 80,000 the first day 70,000 the next day, 65,000 the day after, so you also have fewer traffic points spent. You can boost it by adding slots at $10 per month.)

3. Then tweak your website so it turns maximum pageviews per visitor and maximum visitors coming back and maximum sharing of your website like on Facebook, Twitter, etc with buttons.

4. You should get with these tweaks a minimum of 2 pageviews per visitor, or rather 4 or more pageviews per visitor as your website grows.

5. Then, with 80,000 visitors per day, you should get up to 160,000 pageviews per day. And your website grows each day, maybe at 1% per day, or faster. Try to find an investment that yields 1% per day growth, or 30% per month growth or, x16, over 1,600% growth per year!

6. Advertise with a banner so visitors can buy traffic at $0.1 CPM for worldwide traffic (the industry norm is at least $1 CPM. CPM stands for Cost Per Mille, or cost per 1,000 pageviews for a sold banner to advertisers). Write on the banner "Advertise here at $0.1 CPM!"

7. At 160,000 pageviews per day at $0.1 CPM, you should get $16 per day of income or about $500 per month. (You can also boost traffic with 10KHits, instead of investing $100 per month, you add 40 slots for $10 per month and for $69 per month you add traffic points of 1 million. So if you like, you can invest even $300 per month on getting traffic to your website, then your growth is 3x higher!)

8. You can wait and grow your website. Then sell your website for $5,000 on Flippa.com, or on another sales website, after a few months. They generally ask 24 months of monthly income, but you can sell the website for 10 months of monthly income thus $5,000.

9. You made $5,000 profit on the sale. Or you grow your website at 1% per day, or 30% per month. So every 3 months it doubles, and in 12 months it goes x16 (2x2x2x2). With continuing advertising on 10Khits, of course, so your web traffic grows. Then your advertising revenue in 1 year time is also 16x higher, or $16x16 = $256 per day of income at $0.1 CPM. So then you could sell your website at 16x$5,000 = $80,000 after 1 year. After 2 years you can sell your website for 16x more or for over $1 million!

10. To value your website, add Alexa.com the code to your website at $19.99 per month cost (Basic plan: up to 10 million pageviews per month). Alexa will then rank your website worldwide so you know your real traffic details as well your site will be valued compared to others, if you choose to sell it or if you try to get advertisers (so they can double-check your traffic stats on Alexa).

Some remarks:
1. Don't use Google Adsense with selling ad space, because they will ban your website because you are getting cheap traffic from a traffic exchange (10KHits)

2. Don't rely on Google Analytics, they can manipulate your statistics as if it looks your website isn't growing, like they do on my website. Try instead Alexa for detailed statistics.

3. Never give up, if your growth is minimal, you can always tweak your website to make it better. Also, the better the content, the more pageviews and visitors that come back. And if you cannot get advertisers at $0.1 CPM, don't worry, grow your traffic to 1 million pageviews per day and you will get visitors that want to advertise!

4. You can also sell your eBook on your website or get income from affiliate marketing, like books from Amazon.com, you can sell books on your website, this also brings in revenues.

5. Find a niche to help people or companies, the better your content the better your growth of your website. For example, strategies for companies to boost their sales and revenues or strategies for companies to save money, strategies to boost the conversion rates (of purchases of products or services) of websites x10, x100. etc. The internet is full with articles, just Google "strategies to boost sales of companies" or "strategies to grow your company faster", there are 100rds of articles!

All businesses should hire a sales or marketing person (or use an existing employee) to search the internet on strategies to grow their company faster (you can easily grow 10x faster) and strategies for companies to save money, and strategies to increase the sales and conversion rate of their web store 10x, 100x (just creating an affiliate program to get visitors to your website promoting your products or services for a commission boosts your revenues 10x fold, that was the genius strategy behind Amazon's growth and made Jeff Bezos the richest American with over $250 billion net worth)!
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6. Look at an internet website as a long-term investment. Suppose you invest $100 per month marketing your website (like with 10Khits), then after 12 months you invested $1,200. Then, after 1 year, your website (at 1% growth per day, or 30% growth per month) is 16-fold bigger from own visitors and you don't have to do marketing anymore. If you then stop with your marketing and enable ads like by adding Google Adsense, you can expect to make at least $1,000 per month. So that's over 12 months later at least $12,000 made! Plus your website keeps on growing 16x fold further the next 12 months, so at beginning of the 3rd year you make $16,000 per month with Google Adsense (that's over $192,000 per year). As you can see, this all came from an investment of only $1,200! That's far better return than a savings account or from investing on the stock markets don't you think? Plus you learn more how to improve your site each year and your website is worth more each year. At year 3, when you make $16,000 per month, your site is worth, sell-able for 24x more = $384,000!

If you invested $300 per month, you make at least $3,000 per month from Google Adsense after 12 months of marketing, this is like a pension income! And the money is tax-free! Passive Income!

7. You can also enable geo-targeting with 10KHits like to only get visitors from the United States for example, then set your time interval at 20-30 seconds to produce more pageviews per visitor, lower bounce rate and grow faster!

8. Aside from 10Khits, there are other traffic alternatives like PPCmate.com (you pay only $1 per 1,000 visitors with their direct traffic, not compatible with Google Adsense, they give decent pageviews and low bounce rates, including geo-targeting), or you choose the big 3, which are Google Adsense compatible: Facebook Ads, Microsoft Bing Ads and Google Adwords (but they cost at least 10 cents per visitor). You could boost traffic for 12 months with 10Khits and/or PPCmate, then you can enable Google Adsense when you switch to the big 3 traffic providers. 10Khits and PPCmate give the cheapest decent traffic possible!

Other sources of cheap website traffic: Cheap Website Traffic My Top 10 Sources (clicks from $0.001)

That's it. This is the fastest way to become an internet millionaire in less than 2 years time!

Good luck!

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154.$$$$$$$ >> How to turn $100 into $1 million in less than 2 years time on the internet - Fastest way to become an internet millionaire!

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