148. Make 100% return per year on the stock markets with FinViz stock screener - Turn $5,000 into $600,000+ in 12 months time!

You can easily make over 100% return on the stock markets by selecting the right high-performing stocks with FinFiz stock screener.

Open FinFiz.com, select "Screener" from Top, then select the "All" tabs so you can choose from all criteria possible.

Then select the following criteria:
1. Price, Over $10
2. 52-Week High-Low, 200% or more above
3. Option/Short, Optionable

Or, you can click this link, to get the criteria filled in automatically.

It should give you this listing, see screenshot below:

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As you can see, the Perf Year is over 200% on average, Perf YTD (we are 6th of Februari now), is 30% on average in little than 1 month time!

So this list updates each day. New stocks may fit the criteria each day. How to go forward?

You have 2 options, you buy these stocks for the 1-year period. They should give you 100% return on average.

Use 1-2 year LEAP call options

Or second use options, you go for smaller capital layout, pay 1/5 to 1/10 of these stocks, which are optionable (we selected this criteria), so you can lookup their options pricing quotes, and you buy LEAP Call options, 1-2 year options. So instead of investing let's say $25,000 for buying all the stocks (at 100 shares per stock), you buy the cheaper LEAP Call options, which costs 5 times less. So with only $5,000 you control all these stocks together.

Your return on LEAP calls are 5 times higher, so if the stock goes on average by 100% per year up, you make 500% return per year on the LEAP Call options.
Suppose in the worst case only half of these LEAP calls are successful, like 50% does not return 100% or even worse, they tank within 1 year, then still 50% of your options have increased 500% on average, so you make 250% return per year!

Each quarter (3 months), you can sell the losing LEAP Call options, and buy with your capital new stocks that fit our criteria from the list.
You can test this system each quarter, if you choose not to keep your LEAP Call options for a full year.

This is definitely a way to become rich fast, legally and with statistical certainty.

Use 1-month call options to boost your return by 50% per month

As you can see, the average one-month return is 20% per month. If you use call options of 1-month, they should double on average, or even if 50% tanks, you still make 50% return on average per month.

Then over 12 months, your $5,000:


It increases to $648,731, you are almost a millionaire in 12 months time, starting with $5,000, yielding 50% return per month and reinvesting the profits each month!!!

Disclaimer: we are not responsible or liable for trading advice or if you have trading losses due do this idea, this is only for educational purposes.

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