84. Make $100s-$1,000s Get money owed to you, find missing money

Get money owed to you. There are billions of dollars in abandoned and lost checking accounts, pensions, and so forth collected by governments. You should see if any of it is yours I'm a pretty good money watcher, but when I went to Missing Money.com I found that I had a claim (for "under $100") from a past job. Sure, it's not a ton of money, but someone out there is likely due a significant sum. Since it takes about one minute to check and see if it's you, what's the harm?

Find Missing Money. There maybe some money that you are owed by the government. Find your local branch of the controllers office and do a quick search for your first and last name. I found that my mom has close to $2,000 entitled to her after my grandparents passed. It is your money. Go get it.

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