152. Domain flipping the right way - Make $1,000-$10,000 per month

This amazing YouTube video explains how to do domain flipping the right way, to turn a $50-$60 domain investment into $1,000+.

What you learn:
1) You buy domains on JustDropped.com, Daily Deals tab, for $50-$60.
2) You check it's value on Estibot.com (to see what they are worth)
3) You resell them on Flippa.com, Godaddy.com (Godaddy Auctions), Sedo.com and Afternic.com for 10-20x the price! (just set a reserve price, like $1,000, and wait until they are bought)
4) With $1,000 worth of investment into domains, you could make potentially $10,000+!

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