172. Distribute flyers - Make $100-$200 per day - Make $2,000-$4,000+ per month - Boost local businesses their revenues 4-10x fold!

The idea is simple:

If local businesses (bars, restaurants, hotels, shops, discos, etc) create flyers to distribute on the streets to passengers, they can 4x-fold to 10x-fold their revenues!

For example, a local bar, distributes 200 flyers per day with a homeless man who gives out the flyers to passengers on the streets. The flyers says "$1 discount on a drink, like beer, cocktail".

Of the 200 flyers, 50 people visit the bar and spend at least $5-$10, so that's another $250-$500 in revenues per day, plus people come back to visit the same bar, these are recurring revenues!

The homeless man gets $100 for distributing 200 flyers, or 50 cents per flyer handed over, the homeless man doesn't need to sell something, just handing out flyers to people.

The cost of printing the 200 flyers is about $50 (ask your printing company). So total cost is $150. If you want to save costs, you can print out paper sheets on thick paper with your color laser printer or color copy machine (inkjet is possible too, but when it rains, your ink will give off). Flyers are more professional.

The homeless man can also distribute more flyers, like 400 flyers per day, like each minute 1 flyer (times 60 minutes times 8 hours) = 480 flyers. So then the homeless makes $200 per day!

You don't have to be a homeless person to distribute flyers, also teenagers (aged 16+), students or unemployed can distribute flyers for their local businesses and make $100-$200 per day!

Another example: a hotel gives a $5 discount flyer to people that pass the hotel. If 200 flyers are handed out and 25 people book a hotel room today or later, then the hotel makes another 25*$100 = $2,500 in revenues per day!

Another example: a restaurant gives a $1 discount flyer if you order food or drinks. 200 flyers are handed out and 25 people order a meal, then the restaurant makes another 25*$50 = $1,250 in revenues per day! Or McDonalds offers a $1 discount on the Big Mac menu!

Another example: a shop gives a $1 discount flyer if you order $10 or more from the shop. 200 flyers are handed out and 25 people visit the shop, then the shop makes another 25*$10 = $250 in revenues per day!

Another example: a disco gives free entrance flyer or a free drink offer flyer. 800 flyers are distributed at the disco, 200 people visit the disco, then the disco makes another 200*$50 = $10,000 in revenues per day!

Another example: a car dealership gives $250 cash rebate on a car purchase and 2 free glasses of champagne for visiting the car dealership - flyer. 1,000 flyers are distributed per day, 50 people visit the car dealership each day, 5 new cars are sold per day = 5 * $20,000 = $100,000 in revenues per day!

Another example: a real estate agent offers houses for sale with a flyer, or you want to sell your own house quickly. 1,000 flyers are distributed per day, 10 people visit your house for sale, you may get 2 offers to buy the house of $200,000+. You can even increase the price of the house by $5,000-$10,000 to fund your marketing budget to distribute flyers!

Another example: a clothing department store offers a $5 discount on orders above $50, a $10 discount for orders above $100. 1,000 flyers are distributed per day, 100 people visit the clothing department and the clothing department makes another 100 * $50 = $5,000 in revenues per day!

Also, you could be a store/bar/hotel/shop/restaurant greeter, like at Walmart, you say good morning/noon/after noon/evening to people and you greet them and you hand them over the latest brochure about promotions in the store. 3-5+ Walmart greeters per store will boost Walmart revenues!

Make sure, you mention on the flyer, "the discounts offer like $1, are not cumulative, they are only valid for 1 visitor per flyer!" Otherwise people collect 5-10 flyers and accumulate $5-$10 of discounts!

Flyers can also be distributed door-to-door like to houses their mail box for 50 cents per flyer, then you beat the postal office price! Like Walmart hires 10,000 flyer/brochure distributors to hand out flyers/brochures door-to-door to mail boxes, Walmart saves money on postal costs!

Flyers can also be distributed upfront, like before an event, like there is a party in town, in 7 days, 1,000 flyers per day are distributed upfront over 7 days in the city, so everybody in the city knows about the party before it starts!

Local companies can also hand out flyers to hire people. Like a sales job flyer; "make $50,000 per year as sales person for company XYZ, $500 startup bonus when signing the jobs contract" or "make $80,000 per year as a web developer, $1,000 startup bonus when signing the jobs contract", 1,000-2,000 flyers distributed may fill the job position at the company.

This is thus an awesome way to boost local businesses their revenues 4-10x-fold. And homeless people and teenagers, students or unemployed can make an extra $100-$200 per day of income distributing flyers! You will easily make another $2,000-$4,000+ per month of income!

Share this idea with your local bar/restaurant/hotel/disco/store/car-dealership/car-rental-company/real-estate-company and they will be very happy you help them boost their daily revenues!

When millions of local businesses boost their revenues 4-10x fold with cheap flyers marketing, these are millions of jobs for flyer distributors. You can make an easy $2,000-$4,000+ per month distributing flyers. It pays off to quit your day time job and become unemployed if you are doing a low-paid job and do this easy money-making job (you have an extra $1,500 per month on unemployment benefits or welfare)! Also, if your family has children 16+ aged, they can make extra money each month, like 2 children make $2,000-$4,000 per month each, also students with student debt can pay for their studies! Also for people in poor countries, this job pays you 5-10x times more than working for a company! You are your own boss!

Distribute business cards: distribute 200 business cards to get 20 clients or more. This is cheap marketing!

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