153. Buy used phones on Craigslist, resell them on Ebay for 2-3 times the price - Make $50-$500 per day or $1,000-$10,000+ per month

Yes, this is a supergreat idea:
1. You place Craigslist Ads, "I buy used phones, I pay in cash, call me ..."
2. They call you, they give you the phone type, like Iphone4, you look up their minimum resell price on Ebay (while on the phone with them), you give them a price 2-3 times cheaper than on Ebay, if they accept, you will pay cash and visit them.
3. You visit them and buy each phone for $30-$100, which you can resell for $100-$300 on Ebay.
4. You open an Ebay account, and you resell your purchased phones. (Make sure they are unlocked of course, and you know the passwords to unlock them)

As you know, only 1 in 100 Americans have an Ebay account, or even less Americans.
And most Americans have used phones and don't know how to get rid of them for cash.
Plus you have them call you and you visit them and pay for the phones in cash, that's a service!
You may get 1-10 phone calls per day depending on the ads you place on Craigslist, the more ads, the more people will call you.
With 1 phone per day bought at $30, resold on Ebay for $100, you make $70 per day profit! On 10 phones per day you make $700 per day profit!

This amazing YouTube video below explains how to do phone flipping with cracked phones you buy them for $5-$10 and resell them for $50, but it works even better if you buy used phones as most Americans have used phones laying around in their house.

How To Turn $5 into $1,000 In Less Than 3 Weeks:

You can flip Macbooks laptops too as he explains!

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