185. Boost corporate revenues 10x fold - Offer your customers the product or service for free for a period of time or pay them to become your customer

This is big!

As you know, people are too much buy-sell driven. Customers are seen to pay immediately for a product or service instead of making them loyal first.

For example, an escort lady who asks $100 per night, if she comes to you and says...I will be your girlfriend for free for 1-5 days, I will even cook for you and please you, then you pay me $200+ per night, she would make much more money than offering sex one customer at a time at $100!

How does this work for companies?

Like Apple, offers $50 per month subscription for their new Iphone. Apple says, we pay you $50 as a customer to test the new Iphone for 30 days, if you decide to keep it, you pay us $50 per month subscription, otherwise you return the Iphone and the $50. This means new Iphones would be sold 10x times more than previously. You first get $50 incentive to try the new Iphone, then you pay the company $50 per month based on a contract! This is huge!

Like Dell Computers, offers 5-year finance on computers, pay first 6-12 months 0$, then 4 years pay regular monthly payments! Or without financing: buy computers today, pay them 30 days later!

Like Amazon: buy products today, pay them 30 days later!

Like AirBnb: if you book for 1 week, book first day for free

Like selling houses: we pay you $50 to visit our house for sale. Then 100 clients who are interested already show up (cost is $5,000), and the house gets sold for $200,000+ to one of the 100 visitors! What happens, 100 times as many people show up to visit the house for sale!

Like selling cars: the car dealership says. We pay you $1,000 to test our new car for 30 days. If you decide to return the car, you pay us the $1,000 back (like over 12 months like a loan), if not if you keep the car, you keep the $1,000 and pay the car lease/car finance for the duration of the contract! What happens, 10-100 times more people buy a new car than previously!

Like selling clothing: try the new clothing for 30 days, only then pay over 12 months time your purchase (at 10% APR). Like for $200 worth of clothing, you take it home with you without paying, if you decide to keep it, you pay $200 over 12 months at 10% APR = $20 per month! The clothing store will sell at least 10x fold as much clothing!

Like for hotels: if you book for 1 week, pay the first day nothing!

Like for credit cards: 0% APR for 3-12 months plus $200 cash, then regular APR

Like for mortgages: 30-year mortgage, first year 0$ in monthly payments, then 29 years regular payments!
Or $10-$30,000 cash back ($10-$30,000 goes to your checking account on a $200,000-$500,000 house), pay over 30 years regular payments + cash back! (this is awesome, with the $10-$30,000 in cash back, you pay your credit card debt in full, and you save $300+ per month in credit card payments!)

Like car finance/lease: first 6 months 0$, then 4 years and 6 months regular payments! Or $1,000-$5,000 cash back, then pay 5 years regular payments + cash back!

Like for companies - jobs: you apply for a high-paying job, offer to work the first 1-5 days (one week) for free, then you can hire me!

Like for offering a personal service: I will do housekeeping 1 day for free, then you pay me $100 per day!

Like for offering consultancy: I will be your financial consultant for 1 day for free, then you pay me $100 per day!

This is huge! Companies can easily boost their revenues 10x fold!

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