191. Coupled sales between businesses - Double your revenues for businesses

This is a genius way for businesses to start partnerships to jointly sell products.

You already know, coupled sales of products of the same company, like you buy $50 per month subscription on a phone contract, and you get the smartphone for free.

Apple could do this too, instead of asking a $50 per month for the Iphone-only subscription, they team with telecom providers to provide the Iphone for free for $50 per month call/SMS/internet subscription (like 2-year contract for $50 per month, $25 per month goes to the phone plan, $25 per month goes to finance the $500 Iphone, plus $100 profit for the reseller).

What if companies do coupled sales between partner companies?

Like for example:
- Walmart lets customers gain points for shopping, at $500 worth of shopping, you get free movies ticket, at $5,000 worth of shopping, you get a free Iphone of $500 or a free laptop from Dell corporation.

Then simply reason, if 50% of Americans or 150 million+ Americans shop at Walmart, and they all gain points to get a free Iphone, then Apple will sell 150 million Iphones per year! Dell corporation will sell 150 million computers per year! And this is only in the United States!

Coupled sales is super-powerful:
- You sell a house of $250,000, and you offer a free $30,000 car. You sell a house of $500,000 and you offer a free $50,000 car, etc (you have to give the car as a gift, not part of the house selling/mortgage agreement or this may be called mortgage fraud, check this with an attorney!)
So people can easily sell their houses, they offer cars for free, who doesn't want this?

- Like you order $20 worth of drinks at a bar, and you get a free Big Mac at McDonalds (put it on a flyer)

- Like you order $500 at Amazon, and you get a free movies ticket

- Like you order $30,000 for a car, and you get a free Iphone or laptop computer

Suppose of the 50+ million cars that are sold each year, Apple signs an agreement with car manufacturers to offer a free iPhone, then Apple sells 50 million more Iphones per year!

- etc

When coupled sales happen, companies jointly save money on their marketing budget and they make their customers more loyal so they buy more!

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