238. Make $10,000+ per month easily - Do affiliate marketing with Instagram users for your digital products like ebook. Make money with zero investment

This is supergenius!

As you know, some Instagram accounts have 10,000, 100,000 or even 1 million followers.

If you create an ebook that sells at only $2 and you share 50% revenues with an Instagram user, he/she may be willing to accept your offer.

Then with 10,000 followers, you may sell 200 ebooks or $400 in revenues, with 100,000 followers, you may sell 2,000 ebooks, or $4,000 in revenues.

So the idea is to share 50-50% your revenues with Instagram account users and you contact as many Instagram users as possible who want to partner with you selling your ebook.

In 1 day time, this guy got a deal with a 65,000 followers Instagram user, and made $1,000 in one day time. He did it with zero investment, he didn't even create his own ebook:

Please read: How I made $1.2K with 0 Follower on Instagram

That link is offline now. But these are the steps, he used to make $1.2K with 0 followers on Instagram:
1. He created his own "build muscles fitness" ebook which he tries to sell for only $2.
2. He created his own sales landing page on Gumroad for his ebook so the link would produce a $2 sale of his ebook.
3. He contacted other (American) Instagram accounts under "health and fitness", to make a 50-50-deal on his ebook. Like if he makes $50, then his Instagram partner also makes $50 on selling 50 ebooks. And he shared the link of his Gumroad landing page for his ebook with his partner. He found one partner on Instagram after contacting 5-10 Instagram account users.
4. Within 1 day with a 65K Instagram followers account he partnered with, he made $1.2K in sales, the next day another $800. He paid the Instagram partner his 50% commission by PayPal.

Find the Instagram user accounts that fit the criteria for your ebook! Like fitness program for "health and fitness" Instagram user accounts, etc

If you can make a deal, like 50-50% with 100 Instagram users per month, you could easily make over $10,000 per month.

You can even hire someone, to send out your offer of partnering with the Instagram users, like you pay them $100 per day or even $30 per day (like people from India) to communicate with other Instagram users (like 60-70 Instagram users per day are contacted, 10 per day of them may be interested in the deal) and promote your ebook for a 50-50% revenues share.

Attention: you can only DM up to 60-70 Instagram accounts per day (24 hours) and up to 70 followers added each day or your Instagram account may get banned! But, you may have/create 10 Instagram accounts, then you can DM 600-700 users per day.

You make $10,000+ per month easily in no time!

Also, when you find out 1 in 10 responds to a 50-50 deal for a $2 ebook and you make $500 each on 100,000 followers, you could change your tactic and simply offer $100 for a promotion on Instagram for a 100,000 followers account, and $300 for a 1,000,000 followers account. Then maybe 1 in 2 Instagram users may accept your offer for a fixed price instead of a 50-50 deal on a $2 ebook. You save money, have more profit and you promote to more Instagram account users your ebook.

Not only for digital products like ebooks, your company can partner-share products or services with millions of Instagram users, Instagram becomes an affiliate network!

Hire some employees to get to 1,000+ Instagram users promotions per month (like 50 Instagram users per day who sign up for the offer/promotion)

Also website links (landing pages for product/service offers) can be promoted through Instagram users. Also with Tiktok users, you can run as an affiliate network! Also with YouTube users/subscribers, you can run as an affiliate network. Also, websites may partner with you to sell your ebook for 50-50% revenues. Also Facebook fan pages can become affiliate partners.

And the best part of all, you don't have to be an American to apply this idea, people from poor countries (like India) can also implement this idea and make $10,000+ per month!

You can also link your ebook promotion and apply for ebook affiliate marketing platforms (like Amazon Kindle). Search Google "list ebook affiliate programs/platforms", then there are 50-100 affiliate programs that also sell your $2 ebook for 50-50 commission. This gives even more customers, because websites can promote your ebook with their affiliate program too. Or you personally contact websites by email for your niche (like Finance for finance ebooks), and have them promote your ebook for 50-50 commission share.

So you write an English ebook and promote with American Instagram accounts.

Share this idea with your Instagram followers, so they can all make money!

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